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Tresa Todd is a big deal in real estate. She is famous for making a big impact on the industry and helping women succeed. She started from not much in San Francisco, USA, and now she is a well known name in real estate. Her story shows how she never gave up and worked really hard to create opportunities for others. she is also a trailblazer who inspires lots of people, especially women. She started the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network to help other women get into real estate and become successful entrepreneurs like her. Tresa’s net worth is about $24.6 million, but she’s not just about money; 

Tresa Todd is a big name in real estate because she is all about empowering people, especially women. She started from humble beginnings in San Francisco and made a big change by entering the world of real estate. Tresa’s journey shows how determined she was to make a difference. She is not just an entrepreneur, she is also the founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network, which helps people, especially women, learn about real estate investing. Tresa’s impact goes beyond just making money, she is all about empowering women and changing how things work in the real estate world.

Tresa Todd Wiki, Biography

Tresa Todd’s life is a story of a smart entrepreneur who helps women in real estate. She grew up in San Francisco and studied English Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. But things changed when she realized her retirement plans weren’t enough after talking with her son. So, she jumped into the world of real estate, joining her sons in their business. This change led her to create the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network to support women in real estate. Tresa’s determination and hard work not only made her successful but also helped many women. Her story teaches us that if we work hard and embrace change, amazing things can happen.

Real NameTresa Todd
Nick NameTresa
Age49 Years
ProfessionReal Estate
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight67 Kilograms

Early Years and Educational Foundation

Tresa Todd was born in 1991 in San Francisco and grew up facing money struggles. This made her really hardworking and determined to succeed. She went to the University of California, Berkeley, and got a degree in English Literature. This education became the starting point for her future plans and helped her prepare for what she wanted to do next in life.

A Transformative Shift: Real Estate Investment

The big turning point in Tresa’s life happened when her son Kelton made her realize that her retirement plan wasn’t enough. This made her try something completely new – she moved from working in the medical field to trying out real estate. She went to Dallas to work with her sons Kelton, Justin, and Tanner in their real estate business. This was a big change for her, and it took a lot of courage to start over in a whole new field.

Creation of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network

Even when Tresa faced challenges in real estate, she didn’t give up. She worked hard and got her first real estate deal, showing how determined she was. Tresa also started the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network to help women in real estate by giving them useful resources and guidance. Her first event for women was a big hit, attended by 40 excited people, showing there was a real need for this kind of support. Since then, WREIN’s masterclass has inspired and helped more than 300,000 women, showing that success in real estate is possible with determination and courage.

Impact and Empowerment

Tresa Todd’s Women’s Real Estate Investors Network has helped many women change their lives. Thanks to the knowledge they gained from WREIN, these women reached big goals like becoming financially stable, paying off debts, going on dream vacations, and ensuring their kids’ education and retirement. Wendy’s story is a great example. She went from being a stay at home mom to a successful real estate investor, all thanks to Tresa’s mentorship programs. Wendy’s success shows how WREIN’s support boosts confidence and helps women become empowered in real estate.

Challenges and Triumphs in Real Estate

Tresa Todd knows that in real estate, it’s tough for women because it’s mostly men who are successful. Women face challenges balancing family and work, making it hard for them to do well in this field. Also, there are stereotypes that say women can only succeed if they have men helping them, which makes it even harder for women to move forward.

Hope, Concerns, and the Path Forward

Tresa believes more women are joining real estate, which is changing how things work. She thinks real estate is a way for people to be financially secure, even when times are tough. It’s a chance for them to leave something valuable for their families. But there are worries about dishonesty, not knowing what will happen, and being afraid to take risks. These things can be really scary in real estate.

Net Worth 

Tresa Todd’s net worth is estimated to be around $24.6 million. She earns most of her money from her work in real estate. Tresa got into the real estate industry and did really well, especially after starting the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network. Her success in real estate deals and her role as a leader and mentor also add to her earnings.

Driving Change and Leadership Philosophy

Tresa Todd wants the real estate world to be more welcoming to everyone, making it easier for people to join, no matter who they are. She believes in giving power to the team, appreciating hard work, and giving chances for everyone to get better together. Tresa encourages breaking down walls and making people believe they can achieve things that might seem really hard to do.


Tresa Todd’s amazing journey from a simple start to becoming famous worldwide shows how important it is to keep trying and never give up. She’s not just about money; her story inspires people to be strong and help others. Tresa’s made a big difference in real estate and worked hard to support women, showing she cares a lot about changing lives for the better.

Who is Tresa Todd?

She is a big deal in real estate.

How old is Tresa Todd?

She is 49 years old, as of 2023.

How tall is Tresa Todd?

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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