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Shannon Ralston‘s life is all about perseverance, hard work and a strong desire to create positive change. Starting from a modest background in the United States, she became the Founder, President, and CEO of Angel Staffing, Inc. Her story is inspiring because it involves healthcare, starting her own business, and helping her community along the way. Her net worth is $8.9 million.

Shannon Ralston’s life shows how determination and a commitment to helping others can lead to incredible success. She started with a humble beginning in the United States but worked hard to become a nurse and later founded her own company, Angel Staffing, Inc. Her journey is inspiring because it’s about healthcare, education, and starting a business. Her story teaches us about resilience and how one person’s dedication can make a big impact in both medicine and business. Shannon’s life is a true example of how strong determination and a desire to help others can lead to amazing achievements, inspiring many along the way.

Shannon Ralston Wiki, Biography

Shannon Ralston’s life is a tale of resilience and relentless dedication. Growing up in the United States, she pursued knowledge with zeal and started as a nurse, specializing in Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplants. Her career in healthcare was just the beginning; she later founded Angel Staffing, Inc., a successful company providing top-notch medical staffing services. Shannon’s impact goes beyond business; she’s actively involved in charity work and supporting her community. Her story is a powerful example of determination, continuous learning, and the importance of giving back to society.

Real NameShannon Ralston
Nick NameShannon
Age51 Years
ProfessionCEO of Angel Staffing, Inc
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight59 Kilograms

Early Life and Education

Shannon grew up in a family with limited money, facing challenges that lots of kids face. But even from when she was very young, she showed a strong desire to learn and explore. Her curiosity and interest in learning started when she was just in preschool, laying the groundwork for her achievements later on.

With support from her family and her own hard work, Shannon did really well in high school, getting her diploma, which was a big deal considering where she came from. Realizing how important education was in changing lives, she decided to keep going with her studies, showing strong determination.

Pursuit of Higher Education

During her college years, everything changed for Shannon. She was super committed to her studies and found out she loved nursing. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, she began an amazing career. Her focus was on Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplants. This became really fulfilling for her.

Career in Nursing

Shannon was a Registered Nurse and specialized in really tough areas like Bone Marrow Transplants. She worked super hard and faced many tough situations, but she didn’t give up. Her dedication was incredible, and she made sure her patients got the best care possible. People in the medical field admired her a lot because of how committed and caring she was.

Entrepreneurial Spark

While working as a nurse and taking care of her child, Shannon got an idea. She thought about how she and other nurses could have a better work life. So, she started her own company that provides nurses for hospitals and clinics. Even though it was new for her, Shannon used what she learned as a nurse and her determination to make it work.

Founding Angel Staffing, Inc

Back in 2002, Shannon’s idea became a reality with Angel Staffing, Inc. She got help from the San Antonio Small Business Development Center to plan and start her company. With their support, Shannon made a detailed plan and got everything set up to officially start her business.

Community Engagement and Support

Angel Staffing, Inc. wasn’t just a successful business; it became a symbol of community care. Shannon and her team didn’t only focus on their work; they also helped the community by supporting things like hurricane relief and donating to charities. This showed they cared about more than just their business success.

Certification and Recognition

Angel Staffing, Inc.’s incredible progress caught attention. Getting certified as an SBA 8(a) business, thanks to Shannon’s leadership and the SBDC’s help, made the company’s reputation stronger. People trusted them more because they were reliable, treated their staff well, and provided excellent services in the medical field.

A Visionary Future

Shannon sees a bright future for Angel Staffing, Inc. She expects the company’s sales to grow a lot. She believes this success is because of her team’s work together, help from groups like the SBDC and SBA, and her strong determination.

A Role Model and Inspiration

Shannon Ralston’s life story is really inspiring. Starting from a simple background, she became an innovative entrepreneur and a leader in her community. Her journey shows how determination, always learning, and helping others can make a big difference. More than just a business success, Shannon is a symbol of strength and inspiration, motivating many to follow their dreams and make the world better.

Net Worth 

Shannon Ralston’s net worth is $8.9 million. She earned most of her money by starting Angel Staffing, Inc, a company that offers excellent medical staffing services. Her hard work, nursing skills, and entrepreneurial drive helped her company grow a lot, leading to her financial success.


Shannon Ralston’s life teaches us how education, hard work, and caring for others can change everything. She started as a nurse and became a successful entrepreneur, showing that anyone can make a big difference. Shannon’s story keeps motivating people, proving that with dedication and a drive to help others, we can overcome challenges and achieve success while making the world a better place.

Who is Shannon Ralston?

She is the Founder, President, and CEO of Angel Staffing, Inc.

How old is Shannon Ralston?

She is 51 years old, as of 2023.

How tall is Shannon Ralston?

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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