Obsession TV Series Cast: Meet the Characters and Actors

Obsession is a thrilling TV series that has captivated viewers worldwide with its gripping storyline and talented cast. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the main cast members and the characters they portray in the show. Get ready to be hooked!

Obsession TV Series Cast


Richard Armitage as William Farrow

Richard Armitage plays the role of William Farrow, a successful and wealthy businessman. Armitage is no stranger to the screen, having appeared in various movies and TV shows. You may recognize him from The Hobbit trilogy, in which he played the character of Thorin Oakenshield. He has also starred in popular TV shows like Hannibal and Berlin Station.

Charlie Murphy as Anna Barton

Charlie Murphy portrays the character of Anna Barton, a detective who is tasked with investigating a series of crimes. Murphy is an Irish actress who has gained popularity for her versatile acting skills. She has appeared in movies like Love/Hate and The Foreigner, as well as TV shows like Happy Valley and Peaky Blinders.

Rish Shah as Jay Farrow

Rish Shah plays the role of Jay Farrow, the son of William Farrow. Shah is a British actor who has made a name for himself with his impressive performances. He has appeared in TV shows like Doctors and Casualty, as well as in movies like The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Indira Varma as Ingrid Farrow

Indira Varma portrays the character of Ingrid Farrow, William Farrow’s wife. Varma is a British actress who has appeared in various movies and TV shows. She is best known for her roles in Game of Thrones and Luther. Matthew Gray Gubler meet and greet

Pippa Bennett-Warner as Peggy

Pippa Bennett-Warner plays the role of Peggy, a journalist who becomes involved in the investigation. Bennett-Warner is a British actress who has appeared in movies like Motherless Brooklyn and TV shows like Harlots and Sick Note.

Sonera Angel as Sally Farrow

Sonera Angel plays the role of Sally Farrow, William Farrow’s daughter. Angel is a newcomer to the acting world, but she has already made an impression with her performance in Obsession.

Anil Goutam as Edward

Anil Goutam plays the role of Edward, a businessman who is connected to William Farrow. Goutam is an Indian actor who has appeared in various Bollywood movies.

Marion Bailey as Elizabeth Barton

Marion Bailey portrays the character of Elizabeth Barton, Anna Barton’s mother. Bailey is a British actress who has appeared in movies like Mr. Turner and TV shows like Peaky Blinders.

In Conclusion

Obsession has a talented cast that brings the show’s characters to life. From Richard Armitage’s portrayal of the wealthy businessman William Farrow to Charlie Murphy’s portrayal of the determined detective Anna Barton, each actor delivers a captivating performance. With such a strong cast, it’s no wonder that Obsession has become a hit with audiences worldwide.

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