Obsession Pillow Scene Leaves Viewers Feeling Uncomfortable

In the hit Netflix series “Obsession,” there’s a scene where the character William ransacks a hotel room in search of anything that belongs to Anna, his love interest. Unfortunately, William doesn’t find any of Anna’s belongings, but he does stumble upon a pillow that still has her scent. What happens next is what’s got viewers talking.

William becomes fixated on the pillow and indulges in some questionable behavior. He bites down on it, sniffs it, and rubs himself on it, akin to a naughty dog. The entire scene is cringe-worthy and has left many viewers feeling uncomfortable.

Viewers React to the Pillow Scene in Obsession

The pillow scene in Obsession has sparked a lot of reactions on social media. Some viewers have expressed disgust and regret at having watched the show, while others have found humor in the situation.

On Twitter, one person wrote: “The pillow in Obsession is disgusting.” Another viewer commented: “The pillow scene in Netflix’s new series Obsession is beyond cringe!” A third person said, “I watched that new Netflix show Obsession and honestly, I regretted it so bad. Stupid plot, dumb ending, and I’m traumatized by the pillow scene.”

One viewer even joked about bringing their own pillow to hotels after watching the show. The reactions to the pillow scene have been mixed, but one thing is for sure: it has left an impression on viewers.

The Actor’s Improvisation

Interestingly, the star of the pillow scene has revealed that the whole thing was improvised on the day of filming. This means that the actor came up with the idea of using the pillow in such a way, which adds a new layer of discomfort to the scene.

In conclusion, the pillow scene in Obsession has left viewers feeling uncomfortable and divided. Some have found it disgusting, while others have found it humorous. Regardless of how one feels about the scene, it’s clear that it has left an impression and sparked conversations online. The fact that the scene was improvised only adds to the discomfort and intrigue surrounding it.

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