Magic Johnson Kids: A Glimpse into Their Lives and Achievements

Magic Johnson’s illustrious career on and off the basketball court is well-documented. But behind the accolades and accomplishments is a father who, along with his wife Cookie, instilled values of hard work, perseverance, and giving back to the community in his kids. These teachings are evident in the varied pursuits and commitments of Magic Johnson Kids.

Magic Johnson Kids: Charting Their Own Paths

The legacy of a legend like Magic Johnson surely casts a shadow, but his children have been taking strides in their respective fields, showcasing that talent runs in the family.

Name Brief Overview
Andre Johnson The eldest, involved in business ventures and real estate.
EJ Johnson Television personality, known for his vibrant fashion sense.
Elisa Johnson Adopted in 1995, she’s carved her path in the fashion world.


Magic Johnson Kids: A Glimpse into Their Lives and Achievements

Achievements and Pursuits of Magic Johnson Kids

While living under the limelight thanks to their legendary father, Magic Johnson Kids have showcased their talents and individuality time and again.

Andre Johnson:

Taking a keen interest in business, Andre Johnson has ventured into real estate and other business pursuits, showcasing his acumen and drive.

EJ Johnson:

Emerging as a modern-day fashion icon, EJ has also graced television screens with his larger-than-life personality.

Elisa Johnson:

The world of fashion and modeling welcomed Elisa with open arms. She’s not only a fashion influencer but also a budding entrepreneur.

Magic Johnson Kids: Beyond Fame and Fortune

More than just the spotlight, the values instilled by Magic Johnson in his kids are evident in their pursuits. From philanthropic efforts to standing up for social causes, they’ve demonstrated that they are more than just ‘Magic Johnson Kids’.


  • How many kids does Magic Johnson have?

Magic Johnson has three children: Andre, EJ, and Elisa.

  • What are the professional ventures of Magic Johnson Kids?

Andre is into business, EJ has made a mark in television and fashion, while Elisa is a fashion influencer.

  • Has Magic Johnson’s HIV positive status affected his kids in any way?

The family has always stood strong, with his kids supporting his advocacy for HIV/AIDS awareness.

  • Do Magic Johnson’s kids play basketball?

While they have an inherent love for the sport, they’ve chosen different career paths.

  • Where can we follow Magic Johnson Kids on social media?

All three of them have active social media profiles where they regularly engage with their followers.

Magic Johnson Kids, while benefiting from the legacy of their iconic father, have made commendable efforts in establishing their individual identities. Their achievements, values, and endeavors ensure that the Johnson legacy continues in diverse and impactful ways.

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