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Kristen Tomassi is a well known name in the design and architecture world. She had a rich upbringing in the USA and went to top notch schools, which set the stage for her later life. But what really caught people’s interest is her marriage to business big shot Richard Branson, which made her famous. While people talk a lot about her personal life, not much is known about her actual work in interior design and architecture, which adds a bit of mystery to her life story.

Kristen Tomassi was born in the USA and grew up in a rich family in the northeast. Her dad, Joseph Tomassi, had a big job at a company called Libby International, which makes frozen food. Kristen had a fancy upbringing and went to a really good school called Concord Academy in Massachusetts. After that, she went to Fairfield University in Connecticut, a private Catholic school, for her bachelor’s degree. But what she really loves is home design.

Kristen Tomassi Wiki, Biography

Kristen Tomassi is an American interior designer and architect. He had a life full of interesting connections and different things she did. She grew up in a rich family in the northeast and went to good schools like Concord Academy and Fairfield University. She then studied design at Parsons School of Design and architecture at the Arizona State School.

Her life got pretty public when she married Richard Branson in 1972, but they later divorced in 1979. After that, she had relationships with musician Kevin Ayers and later married Axel Ball, who works in real estate in Germany. Not much is known about her work, but she made contributions in design and architecture. Kristen’s family, including her daughter Galen Ayers and son Nicholas Ball, shows how diverse her life has been.

Real NameKristen Tomassi
Nick NameKristen
Age82 Years
ProfessionDesign and Architecture
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight59 Kilograms


Kristen Tomassi’s schooling set the stage for her design and architecture career. Her love for making spaces look good and work well pushed her to study more. She got better at it by going to Parsons School of Design and then learning about buildings at the Arizona State School of Architecture. These schools helped her get ready for her job designing and creating spaces.

Marriage to Richard Branson

In 1972, when Kristen was 20, she married Richard Branson, a big businessman, in England at the Church of the Holy Cross in Shipton-on-Cherwell. The wedding happened at Manor Studios in Oxfordshire, where Kristen, who was still studying architecture and design, got married to Branson. Even though both of them had big goals and did important things, their marriage had some problems during private times. This led them to get divorced in 1979.

Relationships and Personal Life

After splitting up with Branson, Kristen started dating Kevin Ayers, who was a famous rockstar. They tried having an open relationship, but it didn’t work out well, especially because Branson got involved with someone who was with Kevin at that time. This situation led to the end of both relationships because nobody felt the right connection. Later on, Kristen fell in love again and got married to Axel Ball, a successful property developer from Germany who used to work with Richard Branson. Right now, Kristen and Axel live together in Mallorca, specifically in Soller.

Family and Offspring

Kristen Tomassi has a bigger family because of her different relationships. She has a daughter named Galen Ayers from her time with Kevin Ayers, and Galen works in the music industry. Galen is married to Stephen James Hopkins and is doing really well in her artistic career. Kristen also has a son named Nicholas Ball from her marriage to Axel Ball. Nicholas works in real estate and is married to Nadine Hawa. They have two kids, Alexander Ball and Adriana Ball.

Professional Contributions and Legacy

Not much is known about Kristen Tomassi’s specific accomplishments in her job, but she’s made a noticeable impact in interior design and architecture. Even though we don’t have many details about the exact projects she worked on or the new ideas she brought, her work in creating and shaping spaces has made a lasting impression in the industry.

Net Worth

Kristen Tomassi‚Äôs estimated net worth is around $3 million. All income mainly comes from her work as an interior designer and architect. Although there is not much info on her specific projects or earnings, her knack for making spaces both attractive and practical probably played a big part in her financial success. Plus, her connections through her marriage to Richard Branson and other relationships might have opened doors and helped her build her wealth. Even though we don’t know many details about her career accomplishments, her talent in design likely played a significant role in her financial stability and overall net worth.


Kristen Tomassi’s life story goes across different places and involves relationships with important people. She’s really passionate about design and architecture and has faced tough times with a strong attitude. Even though we don’t know a lot about what she achieved in her job, her personal journey shows how she can handle difficulties and adapt to life, especially dealing with being well known in public.

Who is Kristen Tomassi?

She is a well known name in the design and architecture world.

How old is Kristen Tomassi?

She is 82 years old, as of 2023.

How tall is Kristen Tomassi?

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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