How Many Kids Does Mick Jagger Have

Mick Jagger, the unmistakable face and voice behind some of the most influential rock songs in history, has led a life full of highs and lows, not just on the stage, but also in his personal affairs. While his music career is globally celebrated, there’s a more intimate query on many minds: How many kids does Mick Jagger have?

Mick Jagger’s Children: A Snapshot

People often ask, “How many kids does Mick Jagger have?” given his iconic status in the music world. The answer is given below,

Child’s Name Mother
Karis Marsha Hunt
Jade Bianca Jagger
Elizabeth Jerry Hall
James Jerry Hall
Georgia May Jerry Hall
Gabriel Jerry Hall
Lucas Luciana Gimenez
Deveraux Melanie Hamrick

Mick’s Role as a Father

Beyond fame and the limelight, Mick Jagger has always strived to be there for his children. Each child, having grown up in different circumstances, has shared unique relationships and moments with him.

How Many Kids Does Mick Jagger Have

A Legacy Beyond Music

Beyond his legendary status in music, Mick Jagger’s legacy also lies in the relationships he’s nurtured with his children. Each child, in their own right, has either stepped into the limelight or chosen a life away from it. But the common thread binding them is the unmistakable influence and love of their father.

The stories behind the question, “How Many Kids Does Mick Jagger Have?” reveal a side of the rock legend that remains deeply human – a doting father who, despite his global fame, values the intimate moments he shares with his family.

From Decades Past to Recent Times: Mick Jagger’s Children Through the Years

While Mick’s musical journey commenced in the 1960s, his journey as a father began a bit later. Over the decades, his family has grown, reflecting various stages and relationships in his life. Each child, with their own unique story and bond with their legendary father, stands as a testament to the different phases of Jagger’s life.


  • When was Mick Jagger’s youngest child born?

Deveraux was born in December 2016.

  • Who is the mother of Mick Jagger’s youngest child?

Melanie Hamrick, a ballet dancer, is the mother of Deveraux.

  • Has any of Mick Jagger’s children followed in his musical footsteps?

Several of Mick’s children have shown interest in arts and entertainment, with some venturing into music and others into modeling and acting.

  • How often is Mick Jagger seen with his children?

Mick often shares moments with his children on social media and is spotted with them during vacations or significant events.

  • Did Mick Jagger ever get married to the mothers of his children?

Mick Jagger has had multiple relationships, but he was only officially married to Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall.

Understanding “How Many Kids Does Mick Jagger Have” offers a unique insight into the rock legend’s personal life, which has been as vibrant and varied as his music. It’s a testament to the depth and complexity of a life lived in the public eye, where family moments are as treasured as platinum records.

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