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Eric Pike is a 39 years old famous name in business and innovation, He is known for being the Chairman of Pike Corp, Chairman and CEO of Pike Electric LLC, and CEO of Pike Electric Corporation. He’s made a big impact in the industry for more than 75 years. Eric Pike is not just about business success, he is also dedicated to education, being strong in tough times, and helping the community. As of 2023, he is net worth is around $5.6 million. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and his bodyweight is 79 kilograms.

His life story is all about being really smart in business, never giving up, and having a strong focus on education. Even though he started from humble beginnings, he’s made a huge impact in the industry. Eric Pike’s not just a business guy, he is someone who’s inspiring for others in leadership and making new things happen in business.

Eric Pike Wiki, Biography

Eric Pike is a big shot in business, spending more than 75 years making infrastructure better. He holds top positions like Chairman of Pike Corp, Chairman and CEO of Pike Electric LLC, and CEO of Pike Electric Corporation. Pike’s life shows how determined and strong he is, especially in valuing education. He grew up with not much but learned the importance of hard work early on.

He made smart choices, even going to college while still in high school, setting himself up for a career full of new ideas and leading others. Pike’s not just about business success; he’s won lots of awards and is seen as a pioneer in the infrastructure industry, inspiring others to aim high and do their best.

Real NameEric Pike
Nick NameEric
Age39 Years
ProfessionChairman and CEO of Pike Electric LLC
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight79 Kilograms

Net Worth 

Eric Pike’s net worth is around $5.6 million through his roles as Chairman of Pike Corp, Chairman and CEO of Pike Electric LLC, and CEO of Pike Electric Corporation. He earns most of his money from leading these companies in the infrastructure solutions industry. Eric Pike’s smart decisions and important contributions to these firms have been a big part of why he’s so financially successful and respected in the business world.

YearNet Worth
2019$1.9 Million
2020$2.3 Million
2021$3.7 Million
2022$4.2 Million
2023$5.6 Million

Early Life and Education

Eric Pike’s life journey commenced in the United States, marked by humble beginnings and parents who understood the significance of education. Born into a family with limited financial resources, Pike’s early years were defined by a strong work ethic instilled by his parents, coupled with a deep appreciation for the value of education. Despite economic challenges, Pike embarked on his educational journey, starting with homeschooling and progressing to preschool. His commitment to learning was evident when he earned a degree from preschool, a remarkable achievement for a young student.

The pursuit of education continued as Pike progressed through high school. Notably, he made a strategic choice to attend college while still in high school, a decision that laid a robust foundation for his future endeavors. This early commitment to education would become a defining characteristic of Pike’s illustrious career.

Professional Journey

Post graduation, Eric Pike entered the workforce with a determination to make a meaningful impact. His initial foray into full-time employment led him to a role in a clothing store, showcasing his adaptability and work ethic. Recognizing his managerial aptitude, Pike strategically transitioned to more demanding roles, culminating in his ascent to an Executive Assistant position. This marked the beginning of a trajectory that would see him rise to leadership roles in the infrastructure solutions industry.

Amidst the challenges of early professional life, Pike’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement became evident. His tenacity and dedication laid the groundwork for a career marked by significant achievements and leadership roles in prominent organizations.

Accomplishments and Awards

Eric Pike’s extraordinary contributions to the business world have not gone unnoticed. His career has been adorned with numerous awards and honors, reflecting the substantial impact he has made in the infrastructure solutions industry. Recognitions from esteemed institutions and special honors from influential figures, including presidents, underscore the magnitude of Pike’s accomplishments. His legacy is not just one of personal success but a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals.

Legacy and Impact

Beyond the boardrooms and accolades, Eric Pike’s life exemplifies the power of determination, strength, and a commitment to education. Rising from modest beginnings, he has become a trailblazer in the infrastructure industry, motivating countless individuals with his journey. Pike’s influence extends beyond corporate success, encompassing a legacy of community service and inspiring others to strive for their best.


Eric Pike’s life shows how education, being strong, and staying committed can change everything. He started with little money but now he’s a big leader in making infrastructure better. His story inspires people to do their best. Eric Pike’s made a big impact in business and in the lives of others. His legacy will keep inspiring success and motivating people to learn and keep trying for their goals.

Who is Eric Pike?

He is Chairman and CEO of Pike Electric LLC.

How old is Eric Pike?

He is 39 years old, as of 2023.

How tall is Eric Pike?

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

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