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Daryl Hagler is a 76 years old is a prominent figure in the business and entrepreneurship scene. He’s famous for his success and innovative ideas. Throughout his long career, he held significant positions in companies like SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services, Inc. and served as a board member at El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. As of 2023, Daryl Hagler’s net worth is about $6.1 million. He stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 81 kilograms.

Daryl excels in managing money, and his education and childhood values played a big role in his success. He inspires those aiming for success in business, proving that dedication and passion can lead to triumph. He’s respected and admired in the business world, demonstrating that hard work and dedication eventually yield positive results.

Daryl Hagler Wiki, Biography

Daryl Hagler’s life is all about hard work and achievement. He had various roles in different industries, such as being a Chief Financial Officer, board member, and Asset Manager. His financial expertise contributed to the growth and success of organizations like SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services, Inc. and El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. He learned leadership and hard work early on, and his wife’s support has been crucial in both his personal and professional life. Daryl has been financially successful, with a net worth of millions, thanks to his dedication and distinctive work approach.

Real NameDaryl Hagler
Nick NameDaryl
Age76 Years
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight81 Kilograms

Net Worth

Daryl Hagler’s impressive net worth is around $6 million, indicating his hard work and expertise in money and finance. His dedication to his career paved his path to success. But what sets him apart isn’t just his wealth; it’s how he approaches his job uniquely. He’s recognized for his exceptional analytical skills and making wise financial decisions. These abilities played a crucial role in the success of SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services, Inc. and El Al Israel Airlines Ltd.

YearNet Worth
2019$2.6 Million
2020$3.2 Million
2021$4.5 Million
2022$5.4 Million
2023$6 Million

A Stalwart in the Business World

Daryl Hagler is excelling as the Chief Financial Officer at SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services, Inc. His financial skills have significantly contributed to the company’s growth and profitability. Thanks to his expertise, SeniorCare has become a leading provider in medical transportation services. Apart from his role at SeniorCare, Daryl also serves on the board of El Al Israel Airlines Ltd., showcasing his financial acumen and aiding the organization in achieving its objectives.

Educational Excellence

Daryl Hagler’s successful career stemmed from his solid education. He pursued his undergraduate studies at Queens College, where he excelled academically. Beyond being a good student, he actively engaged in various extracurricular activities. His dedication, hard work, and love for learning earned him admiration from teachers and mentors. During his time in school, Daryl began identifying his passions and aspirations as a business leader. The knowledge and skills he gained in school became invaluable in his job, paving the way for his remarkable success in the business world.

A Nurtured Passion from Childhood

Daryl Hagler had a wonderful and supportive childhood surrounded by close family and friends. This upbringing shaped him into a sincere and genuine person. Even as a kid, he enjoyed observing and learning from leaders, curious about how they achieved success. Daryl cherished spending time with his loved ones, going on special trips together that became a cherished tradition for his family. These memories hold a special place in his heart. His childhood was filled with love, joy, and a strong eagerness to learn.

A Strong Partnership with a Supportive Wife

Daryl Hagler is fortunate to have a loving and supportive wife. Their relationship is built on love, trust, and mutual respect. Together, they form a strong and caring team, supporting each other through both good and tough times. Whether chasing their own dreams or facing challenges, Daryl and his wife always stand by each other. He deeply acknowledges his wife’s crucial role in his journey to success and is immensely grateful for her unwavering support. Their relationship sets a wonderful example of genuine love and partnership, continually growing stronger as they navigate life together.

SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services, Inc.: A Beacon of Excellence

SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services, Inc. is a highly regarded company with years of experience in medical transportation. They’re known for providing outstanding service to their clients, thanks to a dedicated and compassionate team ensuring patient safety and well-being. Over the recent years, SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services, Inc. has thrived and is now among the leading companies in their field, valued at around $25 million. Their success is attributed to delivering exceptional service, utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment, and employing highly skilled staff.

Accolades and Awards

Daryl Hagler has received numerous awards and recognition from prestigious universities and influential figures. These accolades highlight his exceptional skills and remarkable achievements in the business world. His influence in the media has made him known globally, receiving significant awards from various presidents and respected individuals. His journey to fame and his commitment to aiding others is truly inspiring. Daryl’s story is about perseverance, hard work, and staying dedicated to his passion for making the world a better place.


Daryl Hagler’s journey is amazing, starting from a loving childhood to becoming a huge success in business. His hard work and financial skills led him to great success. But his story isn’t just about money; it’s about making a positive impact in business and inspiring younger folks to aim high. Daryl isn’t just a name; he motivates others to pursue their dreams with hard work, dedication, and passion for what they love. His life proves that perseverance and one person’s efforts can truly change the world.

How old is Daryl Hagler?

He is 76 years old, as of 2023.

How tall is Daryl Hagler?

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

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