Virtual bets as a training ground for novices

What are virtual bets and how do they function in the world of betting?

Typically, in the realm of virtual betting, players put their own money at risk. However, there is an exception that novices can utilize to practice, especially without risking anything. This option is called “virtual bets.” It refers to a form of betting where participants wager virtual money, also known in this sphere as “play money.”

Of course, this option doesn’t benefit either the player or the bookmaker. But then why do bookmakers invest resources in creating and maintaining this feature? It’s a strategic calculation somewhat akin to “fishing”: it’s important to lure people in and make them “bite the bait.” Although it’s presented under the guise of acquainting potential players with betting, or with the functionality of their own website. On the other hand, it’s advantageous for the novice player. By starting with a virtual account, they gain experience (i.e., learn from their mistakes) without risking their real money.

An important nuance: never confuse two conceptually similar terms with similar names. Virtual bets are not the same as bets on virtual sports. In the former case, bets are placed on real sports but with “play money.” The latter example is when bets are placed on virtual, esports, using real money.

Not all bookmakers, especially Russian-speaking ones, offer virtual accounts. To determine if this option is available on a specific bookmaker’s website, one should look for sections like “Demo Game” or “Guest Access.” Alternatively, one can find online betting game simulators, which allow users to familiarize themselves with the functionality of bookmakers and the basics of managing their personal account. Typically, the amount allocated is limited, so users cannot practice for too long, experimenting with different types of bets. Usually, “play money” lasts for only a few days.

Is it worth using this option? 

For novices – yes, as it’s a good way to test oneself in a new field like betting without risking money, as everything happens without investing real funds. However, one should remember that there is a huge psychological difference between predicting outcomes without risking anything and realizing that one could lose a significant sum. Moreover, the desire to win also affects the player, so one should not overestimate the role played by such an original training tool as “virtual bets.”

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