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Malachi York was born in 1945 and had a life filled with many different things like writing a lot, making influential music, doing charity work and getting involved in legal problems. His life is quite complex and not easy to explain in a straightforward way. As of 2023 Malachi York’s net worth is around $15.5 million. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall and his bodyweight is 81 kilograms.

He wrote a lot about African history and how people can decide things for themselves. He also worked with famous musicians. But, at the same time, he faced legal issues that led to him being put in prison. His life is like a mix of creativity, helping others, and dealing with complicated legal stuff, making us think about how tricky it can be for famous people like Malachi Z. York.

Malachi York Wiki, Biography

Malachi York had a life full of different things. He wrote many books about African history, which helped lots of people learn and grow. He also made music with famous people and did good things to help others. But, he faced legal problems that led to him being in prison in 2002. Even though he did many good things and was known for his creativity and smarts, his life got complicated because of these legal issues. It shows how people can have different opinions about famous folks like Malachi Z. York.

Real NameMalachi York
Nick NameMalachi
Age78 Years
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight81 Kilograms

Net Worth 

As of 2023, Malachi York’s net worth is about $15.5 million. He earned this money from different things like writing a lot about African history, working with famous musicians, and doing charity work. Even though he faced legal problems and went to prison, his past successes in writing, music, and helping others helped him make a lot of money.

YearNet Worth
2019$11.6 Million
2020$12.2 Million
2021$13.5 Million
2022$14.4 Million
2023$15.5 Million

Early Life and Prolific Works

Malachi York’s journey commenced in 1945, and his early years laid the foundation for a life rich in diversity and creative pursuits. York authored an astounding 1,000 books, delving into the depths of Africa’s history and advocating for self-determination. His literary endeavors extended beyond mere documentation, earning him influence over prominent artists like Jay Z and Nas.

The impact of his written words was not confined to pages; it resonated in the establishment of schools and communities across the African Diaspora. York became a catalyst for educational and communal development, leaving an indelible mark on those touched by his initiatives.

In the 1980s, a new dimension of his creativity unfolded as he ventured into the music industry. Running his own labels, including Passion Records & Studios and York Records & Studios, he collaborated with musical legends such as Stevie Wonder, Blue Magic, and Lionel Richie. Awards and recognition, including the Key to the City in Brooklyn, underscored his influence in the music realm.

Philanthropy and Foundations

Beyond creative realms, Malachi York displayed a commitment to philanthropy, establishing charities and organizations with a global impact. The United Nuwaupian Nation, a conglomerate of African tribes predating European presence in the U.S., engaged in benevolent activities alongside groups like Freemasons and Eastern Stars.

In Liberia, the West African & African-American Educational Endowment & Humanitarian Foundation, initiated by Dr. York in 2000, became a beacon for education, health, and spirituality in Bong County. Simultaneously, the Most Worshipful Nuwaupian Grand Lodge of Freemasonry Worldwide, to which York belonged, supported orphans and staff at the New Hope Foundation Academy near Monrovia.

The Dr. Malachi Z.K. York Foundation, spanning Liberia since 2017 and Ghana since 2007, focused on non-profit, non-political initiatives covering education, health, cleanliness, farming, and infrastructure development. Its comprehensive approach sought to improve the quality of life for those in need, extending support to students for educational pursuits and cultural exploration.

Legal Troubles and Controversy

Despite a life dedicated to creativity and benevolence, Malachi York’s narrative took an unexpected turn in 2002. Legal troubles emerged, resulting in his arrest and a subsequent 135-year sentence. Charges of racketeering, money laundering, and the Mann Act created a legal maelstrom, leading supporters to question the fairness of the trial.

Complications intensified when crucial witness Habiybah Washington recanted her testimony in 2004, alleging a plan to malign Dr. York and unjustly imprison him. This revelation stirred a broader debate about the legitimacy of the charges and the procedural fairness of the legal process.

Adding an international dimension to the legal complexities, the court in Liberia declared in 2004 that York held the diplomatic status of Consul General, appointed by ex-President Charles Taylor. This revelation fueled ongoing efforts, including those by the Liberian government, to secure Dr. York’s release and return him to Liberia. Despite these endeavors, he remains incarcerated, leaving the unresolved debate about the fairness of his legal proceedings hanging in the balance.


Malachi York’s life is a mix of good things he did and tough problems he faced. He did great work in writing and music that people still remember, but the legal troubles around his time in prison make things complicated. It shows that even famous people like him can have different sides to their stories. His life makes us think about how people see famous folks and how their actions can have both good and difficult consequences.

How old is Malachi York?

He is 78 years old, as of 2023.

How tall is Malachi York?

He is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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