How to Find a 1win Voucher and Use it for Gaming

It’s always nice to receive bonuses – simple trinkets, nice prizes or big cash rewards. Recently, the gambling industry abounds with such offers. The most striking example is the policy of the company 1 wine – the service has many different bonuses: welcome, cashback, loyalty program, vouchers, etc. And in this material we want to tell you what 1win vouchers are. You will also learn what types of vouchers you can get from the service and how you can use these rewards.

1win Vouchers – What are They?

So, 1win voucher is a special bonus, which has the form of a promo code. For its activation, the service accrues a certain reward – as a rule, the company gives from 10 to 100 rubles on average for one promo code. A distinctive feature of this type of reward is its gratuitousness. To get a voucher, you do not need to make any deposits, be active in social networks or fulfill other conditions. It is enough just to find it and activate it – the reward will be waiting for you immediately on your account, or in a particular game for which it is intended.

How to Find a Voucher on 1win

In fact, there is nothing complicated to find the type of rewards in question. We offer you the following instructions for finding vouchers:

  • Go to the 1win website
  • Do a quick registration on the service
  • Authorize in the system

Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and search for 1win social networks;

Subscribe on Telegram and Instragram and put notifications for new publications.

That’s it – the most important part is done. Now you just have to wait for the very post that will contain the new 1win Telegram voucher. They come out quite regularly – every day users can receive and use them. Note that all 1win vouchers are designed for a certain number of activations. They are activated in a first come – first serve format. The sooner you receive the reward and activate it, the more likely it is that the reward will be credited to your account. That’s why you need to set up notifications so that you don’t miss the announcement of a new reward and have time to collect it.

1win Vouchers: Types and their Use

Currently, the company only has two types of voucher activation rewards. The first is a general voucher on 1win. Its essence is that users of the service can, after successful activation of a promo code, instantly receive an award on their main account. What to do with this reward is up to you. It is possible to use the funds for betting on sports, casino, crash games and other entertainment. Some players try to save this money – by accumulating, you can gradually accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal, after which you can transfer it to a card or e-wallet. This is another advantage of the award in question – you will not have to wagering money to withdraw it to your account.

There are also 1win vouchers that are designed for specific games. Most often, these are entertainment in the crash genre – for example, Lucky Jet, Rocket X and many others. Here, the activation mechanics are a bit different – on Telegram or Instagram, they usually announce for which game the reward is intended. Your task:

  • Copy the 1win Telegram voucher;
  • Go to the game for which the reward was published;
  • After that, select the bonus in the settings. There you have to activate your bonus code;

After activation, you will see an opportunity to make a bonus bet – try it, and if you win, you will get the money directly to your main account.

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