How Many Kids Does Steph Curry Have

Wardell Stephen Curry II, better known as Steph Curry, has redefined basketball with his impeccable skill set and shooting prowess. Yet, while his on-court feats are widely celebrated, many wonder about his life off the hardwood. Specifically, “How many kids does Steph Curry have?” Let’s embark on a journey to unveil this side of the basketball genius.

Steph Curry’s Heartwarming Family Ties


Child’s Name Relationship
Riley Curry Daughter
Ryan Curry Daughter
Canon Curry Son

Having three adorable children, Curry’s family often finds itself under the limelight. The relationship Steph shares with his kids, Riley, Ryan, and Canon, has given fans delightful moments to cherish, whether it’s Riley’s playful press conference interruptions or heartwarming Instagram posts of the Curry family.

How Many Kids Does Steph Curry Have

Off the Court: Steph’s Role as a Father

Understanding “How many kids does Steph Curry have?” only scratches the surface. The genuine connection he shares with his children illuminates his role as a doting father. His commitment to fatherhood, coupled with the challenges of NBA stardom, showcases a beautiful balancing act that Steph manages with grace.

Melding Basketball and Family Life

With Ayesha Curry, his wife, Steph has crafted a life where his basketball career and family commitments intertwine seamlessly. The couple’s shared ventures and the glimpses they offer into their family life, through social media and interviews, provide fans a holistic view of Steph’s world, beyond just the 3-point line.


  • How many kids does Steph Curry have in total?

Steph Curry is a proud father to three children: two daughters, Riley and Ryan, and a son, Canon.

  • Do Steph’s children show an interest in basketball?

While it’s early to say, Riley and Ryan have been seen enjoying basketball games, and Canon, still young, might just follow suit.

  • How does Steph manage his NBA commitments with fatherhood?

Steph, with the support of his wife Ayesha, ensures quality family time, making the most of off-seasons and breaks to be with his children.

  • Has Steph ever spoken about his kids in interviews?

Yes, Steph often shares anecdotes and heartwarming stories about his kids, highlighting the profound impact of fatherhood on his life.

  • Are there any memorable moments of Steph’s kids in the media?

Certainly! Riley Curry, in particular, has stolen the show at various NBA press conferences with her adorable antics.

Concluding, the question “How many kids does Steph Curry have?” leads us into the warm and loving world of the Curry family. Behind the basketball phenom, we find a devoted father of three, whose family moments are as enchanting as his on-court magic. In the grand scheme of things, it’s evident that for Steph, family always comes first.

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