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Damian Gabrielle is a successful businessman from the United States and he born in 1975. He got some attention because he was briefly married to Olga Kurylenko, a famous Ukrainian French actress and model. But there is not much known about his personal life or the businesses he is involved in. He is kind of mysterious and there is not a lot of information about him out there.

Damian Gabrielle was born in 1975 and he is a big deal in American business, especially in mobile phone accessories. People know he is done really well, but there’s not much info about his life. He’s kind of mysterious and doesn’t like being in the public eye. Even though he’s successful and smart in business, not a lot is known about him, except for his short marriage to Olga Kurylenko, the famous Ukrainian-French actress. Damian Gabrielle’s success and secretive nature make him an interesting person that many want to know more about.

Damian Gabrielle Wiki, Biography

Damian Gabrielle is a mysterious businessman who is really successful in selling stuff for mobile phones. He went to Stanford University and got a fancy business degree. Then he started a business with his dad and did really well in a specific market. But he’s not into being famous. The only time people noticed him was when he got married to Olga Kurylenko, the actress, but they split up pretty quickly. He’s good at business, but he doesn’t like people knowing much about his life. That makes him even more mysterious.

Real NameDamian Gabrielle
Nick NameDamian
Date of Birth1975
Age48 Years
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight66 Kilograms

Early Life and Education

He finished high school around where he lived and then went on to a really good college in the US. Seems like he was really into business because after that, he went on to study even more and got a fancy business degree from Stanford University, which is a really famous place for smart people. But the part about his family, childhood, and what led him to get into business is a bit of a mystery, there’s not a lot of info out there about that time in his life.

Journey into Business

After finishing his studies, Damian Gabrielle teamed up with his dad in the business world. Though we don’t know much about exactly what businesses they did, it’s clear he did really well in selling stuff for mobile phones. He was really smart about business and made clever decisions, which helped him become a big deal in that industry. He made a lot of money and became super successful.

Family and Personal Life

Damian Gabrielle got some attention when he married Olga Kurylenko, who’s a famous actress and model, in 2006. Their wedding was private, just with close friends and family. But things didn’t work out, and they split up in 2007. Nobody really knows why they broke up because it’s a secret. This time when he was married gave a little peek into his life, but it didn’t really explain much about who he is. He’s still kind of a mystery to people.

Net Worth and Success

Even though Damian Gabrielle keeps his personal life private, he’s really successful in business. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as of 2023. He is really good at dealing with the business world, especially in selling things for mobile phones. That shows how smart and determined he is.

The Elusive Persona

Damian Gabrielle is really interesting because he doesn’t like being in the public eye. Nowadays, everyone’s on social media, but he’s not. That makes people even more curious about him because he keeps away from the spotlight. People who want to know more about him find it really fascinating and start guessing about his life. He’s like a mystery that people want to solve.


Damian Gabrielle’s story is fascinating because he keeps his life really private in a time when everyone’s sharing everything. We don’t know much about where he came from or how he became successful in business. Even though he was married to Olga Kurylenko and did well in business, he still stays away from being famous. This mystery around him keeps people curious and guessing about what he’s really like and what he does in business. He’s like a puzzle that people want to solve, and he’s pretty good at keeping his secrets.

Who is Damian Gabrielle?

He is a successful businessman from the United States.

How old is Damian Gabrielle?

He is 48 years old, as of 2023.

How tall is Damian Gabrielle?

He is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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